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26 Men Who'll Make You Pregnant Without Even Touching You

Warning: These men are dangerously perfect.

1. First off there's Chris Pratt, with his heart-melting smile and bulging biceps.

Any time you ask him to take his top off and send you a selfie, he'll be only too happy to oblige.

2. Then there's Tom Hardy, who just can't stop telling you how beautiful you are.

Then he winks at you and for a second you forget how to breathe.

3. But Jamie Dornan just cannot resist you. He wants to lie on top of you, gazing deeply into your eyes.

And generally make you feel weak at the knees.

4. But what about Chris Hemsworth who looks fit AF fully dressed.

But when he takes his top off he LOOKS LIKE THIS.


And it takes all your strength not to just die on the spot.


5. Idris Elba is pretty damn perfect, too. He spends a lot of time in the gym to hone those beautiful muscles for you to run your hands over.

He also has pretty impeccable rhythm which comes in handy for reasons.

6. But don't forget Tom Hiddleston, whose puppy dog eyes are enough to make your heart burst.

7. And Channing Tatum, who not only looks like this without his shirt on...

...but also can't help but shower you with compliments.

8. Then there's Matthew Lewis, who is just proof that god does exist.

9. As well as Eddie Redmayne, who can't stop smiling whenever you're around.

10. David Gandy spends most of the time wishing he was lying in bed with you.

Marks and Spencer / Via

Looking at you with those goddamn perfect eyes, and making sure you feel like the goddess you are.

Davidoff / Via

11. Samuel Anderson misses you when you're not around, so he'll call just to make sure you're OK.

12. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't mind what you guys spend your time doing, as long as you're together.

13. Michael Fassbender sees you and immediately wants to rip his (and your) clothes off.

And then you see this torso and it's like, RIP you.

14. Sam Claflin has dimples that look like they were crafted by the hands of angels.

Constantin Film / Via http://chocolat—

And he just loves lazy weekends with you in bed.

Constantin Film / Via

15. Henry Cavill is just wondering whether you'd like to take a shower with him.

And then he will wrap those perfect arms around you and not want to let go.

16. And if you fancy it, Theo James has run a bath for you both as well.

17. Kit Harington wants you to run your hands through his hair.

18. And Alex Pettyfer legit wants you to just rip his clothes off.

19. David Beckham, too.

H&M / Via

20. And Liam Hemsworth just wants you as close to him as possible.

And this face pretty much makes you melt on the spot.

21. Once Ryan Gosling has removed his clothes he doesn't have to tell you this twice.

22. And JFC is he the most passionate man you've ever met.

23. Apart from maybe Ryan Reynolds, who literally runs into any room you're in.

And those abs. Those goddamn perfect abs. RIP you again.

24. Then there's Chris Evans, who makes you thankful for the gift of sight.

And also life.

25. And Chris Pine, who can stare into your soul with those perfect eyes.

26. And, finally, James McAvoy, who just needs to look at you and...

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