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26 Men Who'll Make You Pregnant Without Even Touching You

Warning: These men are dangerously perfect.

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Any time you ask him to take his top off and send you a selfie, he'll be only too happy to oblige.

8. Then there's Matthew Lewis, who is just proof that god does exist.

9. As well as Eddie Redmayne, who can't stop smiling whenever you're around.


11. Samuel Anderson misses you when you're not around, so he'll call just to make sure you're OK.

13. Michael Fassbender sees you and immediately wants to rip his (and your) clothes off.

And then you see this torso and it's like, RIP you.


15. Henry Cavill is just wondering whether you'd like to take a shower with him.

16. And if you fancy it, Theo James has run a bath for you both as well.

17. Kit Harington wants you to run your hands through his hair.

And this face pretty much makes you melt on the spot.

24. Then there's Chris Evans, who makes you thankful for the gift of sight.

And also life.

25. And Chris Pine, who can stare into your soul with those perfect eyes.