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    19 Celebrity Beards That'll Sexually Awaken You

    You may need to sit down for this one.

    1. Let's begin with Henry Cavill, because there are very few beards that are as majestic and manly as this.

    And tbh the beard just off-sets the eyes, the cheekbones, the jaw, the teeth and everything else on his goddamn perfect face.

    2. Then there's David Beckham who's managed to combine getting hotter with age and a beautiful beard to be one of the most perfect specimens on the planet.

    You're experiencing heart palpitations just looking at this beard, I know. It's fine. It's perfectly normal.

    3. Those heart palpitations may intensify when you look at Chris Evans' facial hair.

    Because every time you look at this beard, wink and eyebrow-raise, you will wonder whether there IS a God after all. 🙏

    A God who was kind enough to provide us with this level of eye candy purely for our viewing pleasure.

    4. And then you look at Chris Hemsworth and Oh My God you realise his beard was crafted by the hands of angels in heaven.

    Thank you angels.

    5. Then there's Idris Elba whose beard is so perfect it'll make you want to weep.

    He knows it.

    6. You may need to sit down at this stage. Have a glass of water. Get someone to fan you.

    Because yes, this beard exists.

    And it comes with the added bonus of being attached to this man who has an OK body as well, if you're in to that kind of thing.

    7. Once you've recovered, marvel at Jake Gyllenhaal's beard.

    8. Just imagine nuzzling into Chris Pine's cheek as you gaze into those eyes.

    9. Before swapping him for Tom Hardy and this magnificent beard.

    brb, dying at everything that's going on here.

    10. Let's not forget this ridiculously suave offering from Lenny Kravitz.

    His coolness is amplified by about 982 times thanks to that beard. Imagine how cool you'd look next to him.

    Or, you know, in any position around him.

    11. If that wasn't enough, here's Adam Levine who wants you to know he grew this beard for you.

    For literally you and your enjoyment.

    And I bet you're enjoying it quite a lot right now.

    12. BUT WAIT, don't get too distracted by Adam because Ben Affleck and his beard are here to be admired too.

    13. And Ryan Gosling would enjoy it if you'd appreciate his facial hair.

    Because wow.

    14. Chiwetel Ejiofor's beard is so well groomed, you just know he'd put effort into other things too.

    You can imagine what those things would be while you stare at him.

    15. Before remembering this goddamn masterpiece.

    The beard. The ombré hair. It's everything you'd hoped for in life.

    RIP Jared Leto's beard and hair.

    16. Then there's Scott Disick whose beard makes his bad boy allure all the more irresistible.

    With a beard, everything is forgiven.

    17. And Matthew McConaughey who has mastered the art of rugged perfection.

    * Dies *

    18. But just look at Ryan Reynolds' beard and puppy dog eyes.

    Look how they combine to answer your actual prayers.

    19. And finally, there's Jamie Dornan, who, just when you thought he couldn't get any more perfect, grew this beard.

    And, just like that, all was right with the world.