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24 Celebrities Who Totally Failed At Getting Tattoos

Tattooing your bikini line is not OK.

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2. Other times, it's down to a spelling mistake.

Jason Kempin / Getty

Hayden Panettiere has the phrase, 'live without regrets' in Italian inked on her back. Only problem is that it should read 'Vivere senza rimipianti' but hers says 'Vivere senza rimpianti'.

Oh the irony.


6. Some celebrity tattoo fails occur when they decide to commemorate their marriage, like Cheryl Cole did.

Francois Mori / AP/Press Association Images

It's never a good idea to get 'Mrs C' tattooed on your neck when your husband is Ashley Cole.

8. ...While Kerry Katona resorted to this elaborate design to cover up her ex-husband Mark's name.

Chris Jackson / Getty

She said it represents a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Or, you know, a messy divorce.