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16 Celebrities Who Prove A Lot Can Change In Seven Years

Yes, these pictures really were taken seven years apart.

1. Ariana Grande

Joe Corrigan / Getty Images
Getty Images

2. Matthew Lewis

Eamonn Mccormack / WireImage
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

3. Miley Cyrus

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

4. Kim Kardashian

Di Crollalanza / di Crollalanza/REX Shutterstock

5. Calvin Harris

Jemal Countess / WireImage
Ian Gavan / Getty Images

6. Taylor Swift

Lester Cohen / WireImage
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

7. Justin Bieber

Steven A Henry / WireImage
Getty Images

8. Khloe Kardashian

Jason Laveris / FilmMagic
Getty Images

9. Zac Efron

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

10. Megan Fox

Jamie Mccarthy
Ken Ishii / Getty Images

11. Daniel Radcliffe

Chris Jackson / Getty Images
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

12. Kendall Jenner

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

13. Tom Fletcher

Getty Images
Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images

14. Victoria Beckham

Doug Peters / Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

15. Abigail Breslin

Mark Davis / Getty Images
Jemal Countess / Getty Images

16. Kylie Jenner

Donato Sardella / WireImage

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