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    24 Times Celebrities Roasted The Shit Out Of Themselves

    Prepare for savagery.

    1. When Chrissy Teigen shared these photos.

    2. When Scott Disick knew the reason for his fame and fortune.

    3. When Cole Sprouse made this observation.

    Shame the closest thing men get to lingerie is minion® apparel.

    And his co-star Lili Reinhart took things to the next level.

    Before Cole roasted the hell out of himself.

    4. When Kourtney Kardashian mocked her own outfit.

    5. When Anna Faris celebrated her Women's Health cover like this.

    6. And when she revealed just how tough it is being a celebrity.

    7. When Kim Kardashian had this response to being called "self-absorbed."

    8. When Blake Lively wore this on Valentine's Day.

    9. And when she cursed herself and Instagram.

    10. When Anne Hathaway tried her hardest to be cool.

    11. When Portia De Rossi made this joke about how long she and Ellen DeGeneres have been together.

    12. When Chris Pratt roasted his posing in this photoshoot.

    13. Both times.

    14. When Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix shared this throwback photo.

    15. And Ryan Reynolds shared one too.

    16. When Victoria Beckham wasn't too posh to push after all.

    17. When Chrissy Teigen used this caption.

    18. When Kim Kardashian knew just how impractical her outfit was.

    19. When Jessica Simpson served up the perfect response to this news story.

    20. When Kourtney Kardashian got caught out so she just joined in the roasting.

    21. And when Blake Lively tried to troll Ryan Reynolds...

    So he joined in on the roasting, too.

    22. When Khloé Kardashian was 100% honest about her selfies.

    23. When Taylor Swift embraced her cat lady status.

    24. And, finally, when Kim Kardashian used this hashtag.

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