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    Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    This Celeb Shut Down Claims She's Been "Pictured With Drugs"

    "It's a children's pen, you twits."

    TV presenter Caroline Flack's Instagram is usually a lovely mix of selfies and A+ photos of her cat.

    Seriously, Waffle is great and should have his own Instagram account.

    However, she became the subject of intense scrutiny after posting this innocent shot of herself preparing for a poker night.

    Because numerous followers immediately began debating about whether they could see drug paraphernalia in the background.

    People claimed that they could see a credit card and rolled up bank note.

    One comment that's since been deleted said: "Rolled up bank note there Caroline," while another drew attention to the card.

    Caroline wasted no time in defending herself, responding directly to the comment about the bank note to clarify that it was actually a child's pen.

    Caroline then took to Twitter after a magazine speculated about the image, and shared a photo of the child's pen in question – to prove that it is just that. A goddamn pen.

    She then made this 10/10 quip.

    Thank god no one asked what I use the Vaseline for ... MY LIPS PEOPLE ,MY LIPS 😂

    Nicely handled, Caroline! ❤️

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