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17 British Celebrities You Should Really Follow On Snapchat

You need more snaps in your life.

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1. Little Mix (littlemix_offic)

Why you should follow: Anyone who's a fan of Little Mix will know that the girls are all about fun. And their Snapchat is no different. From pulling funny faces for the camera, to bantering together on long car journeys, to having no-makeup movie nights, watching their snaps will make you mainly wish that you were the fifth member of the band.

2. James Corden (Jkcordensnap)

Why you should follow: For all the backstage gossip and fire selfies from "Carpool Karaoke", of course. It's exciting not only to see who's coming up on the show, but also to see what went on during the filming of it.

3. Lucy Watson (imlucywatson)

Why you should follow: If you're a fan of swooning over perfect makeup – I mean, just give those eyeliner wings a moment of your attention and you'll see what I mean – as well as goddamn adorable dogs, Lucy's Snapchat is the place for you. She keeps us up to date with her dog Digby and cat Darcy's antics as well as her healthy vegan lifestyle, and dates with her Made in Chelsea co-star James Dunmore.

4. Sam Faiers (samfaiers1)

Why you should follow: Since she ditched TOWIE and became a mum to her adorable baby Paul, Sam's Snapchat has become the cutest account around. She posts constant snaps of Paul and of family life generally, which is lovely to see.


5. Ed Sheeran (teddysdaytoday)

Why you should follow: If you follow Ed on Twitter you'll know that his tweets are always brilliantly understated and funny – and that translates on to his Snapchat. Take, for example, his snap about a sock with dinosaurs on it or one about his pasta for lunch. He somehow makes the mundane funny – as well as talking about his balls now and again.

6. Jourdan Dunn (missjourdandunn)

Why you should follow: Snapchat is all about the glamour – we get gilmpses of her in the makeup chair before big events, we see whichever gown she's decided to rock before she hits the red carpet, she even takes us behind the scenes at fashion shows.

7. Megan McKenna (megan-mckenna)

Why you should follow: It's safe to say that this reality TV queen is obsessed with Snapchat. And she uses it to document every moment of her life – from photo shoots, to car journeys, to cooking dinner, to hanging out with her boyfriend Pete, as well as regular Stories that show off her singing abilities. Whatever she posts, it's never boring.

8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (rosieh-w)

Why you should follow: Rosie's Snapchat is probably the prettiest account ever to have existed. Given that she's a professional model, it's unsurprising that fashion plays a large part in her snaps, but she's also heavily into giving viewers makeup tutorials and the scoop on which beauty products they should have in their makeup bags. All while looking goddamn gorgeous.


9. John Boyega (JohnBoyega)

Why you should follow: We all know that John is adorable, and he is even cuter on Snapchat. As he loses his mind over meeting celebrities, and fans then lose their minds over meeting him, it's an amazing insight into what it's like to become a star virtually overnight. Throw in some adorable snaps with members of his family, as well as some gym thirst-trapping, and you have a near-perfect account.

10. Cara Delevingne (caradevilqueen)

Why you should follow: If it's Snapchat Stories full of fun and laughter that you're looking for, Cara is the one to follow. Her snaps cover everything from her messing around in the back of taxis, to hanging out with her other A-list model friends, to partying, as well as chilling out in bed. She's also a big fan of distorting her face to ridiculous proportions with the filters, which is sure to crack you up.

11. Nick Grimshaw (hiyagrimmy)

Why you should follow: We all know that Nick has a lot of celeb pals. And his Snapchat is the perfect place for us to all see his antics with his showbiz friends. From showing us exactly what goes down in the Radio 1 studios, to posing with his A-list mates, Nick's snaps are the most showbiz of the lot.

12. Olly Murs (officialolly)

Why you should follow: Everyone has fallen in love with Olly Murs' cheeky chappy persona – and his Snapchat is a perfect reflection of that. He pretty much makes everything he does seem fun – from simple tasks like shaving to extravagances like buying a brand new car, his account will make you smile for sure.


13. Harry Styles (h.estyles)

Why you should follow: During his time in One Direction, Harry would snap from behind the scenes at gigs, sometimes even from the stage. Nowadays it's a place to show what's happening in life post-1D, and Snapchat was actually the first place Harry revealed his new short hair.

14. Tom Fletcher (tomfletchersnap)

Why you should follow: Tom is A+ on his YouTube channel, and his Snapchat account is just as good. It's mainly an insight into Dad Life as Tom frequently posts adorable snaps of him and his two sons – including regular duets with little Buddy. Too. Damn. Cute.

15. Zoella (OfficialZoella)

Why you should follow: For a behind-the-scenes look at life as one of the most famous women on the internet. She combines that with plenty of fashion, beauty, and hair ideas that will make you want to copy them immediately. Someone get me that cat jumper, for real.

16. Lou Teasdale (louteasdale)

Why you should follow: She may have found fame by being One Direction's hairdresser, but Lou is trained in makeup, too. She actually set up her Snapchat account as a place to do beauty tutorials, and they're well worth a watch if beauty is your bag.

17. Calvin Harris (calvinharris)

Why you should follow: Calvin is all the Snapchat eye candy you will ever need. Unfortunately he does sometimes post snaps in which he's fully clothed, but rest assured, you will also be treated to plenty of photos and videos of his torso. You're welcome.