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24 Times Blake Lively Was Really Fucking Funny On Instagram

Ryan Reynolds is the king of tweets, Blake Lively is the queen of Instagram captions.

1. When she did a self-portrait but forgot which side of her own face her mole was on.

2. When she revealed where her style inspiration really comes from.

3. When she lost her shit over wearing earrings that had also been worn by Beyoncé.

4. When she got cold feet and had to improvise.

5. When she revealed she'd become such a fan of her own husband that he may take a restraining order out against her.

6. When she came up with the funniest Father's Day caption OF ALL TIME.

7. When she made this observation.

8. When she posted this, which, let's face it, is a good thing to remember.

9. When she was all of us dreaming about pasta.

10. And scrapped her New Year's resolutions as fast as the rest of us, too.

11. When she found an alternative use for her makeup.

12. When she shared the most perfect throwback photo.

13. When she posted memes about her husband.

14. On more than one occasion.

15. And when she came up with this genius caption.

16. When she FaceTimed her nephew like this.

17. When she had a "threeway."

18. When she shared this picture of herself and Taylor Swift being spectacularly photobombed by a kangaroo.

19. When she reminisced about being crowned "Most Improved in Choir."

20. When she achieved all her life goals.

21. When she tried out a new makeup regime.

22. When she made this comparison.

23. When she gave no fucks about calorie counting.

24. And, finally, when she was all of us, if we were famous.

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