I Didn't Think It Was Possible, But Blake Lively's Instagram Captions Are Getting Funnier By The Day

    From roasting Ryan Reynolds to mocking herself, Blake is the queen of Instagram captions.

    You know Blake Lively. She's an accomplished actor, wife to Ryan Reynolds and professional Instagram comedian.

    For real, I went into detail about this a while ago because Blake's Instagram captions are genuinely a treasure trove of lols.

    However, it's come to my attention that over recent months Blake has somehow managed to outdo herself and her captions have reached a whole new level of greatness. So, without further ado, here are the best ones from 2018 so far.

    1. When she made this dirty joke.

    2. When she made this confession.

    3. When she wore this outfit for Valentine's Day.

    4. When she made this admission.

    5. When she revealed she was cheating on Ryan Reynolds with Anna Kendrick.

    6. When she spent time orchestrating the perfect Instagram shot only for her coffee to go cold.

    7. When even she was impressed by her creativity.

    8. When she tried to emulate Jennifer Lopez's red carpet pose.

    9. When she told this story.

    10. When she showed off her "no makeup" look.

    11. When this was her commute.

    12. When she hung out with her mom.

    13. When she went for a low-key look.

    14. When she was all of us with Instagram regret.

    15. When she was totally composed during this meeting.

    16. When she went for a different evening look.

    17. And, finally, when she revealed what truly makes her proud.