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    19 Backstage Celebrity Instagrams From The AMAs That You Really Need To See

    Here's what happened off-camera.

    1. Taylor Swift hung out backstage with her friend and date to the event, Claire, after slaying both the red carpet and stage with her performance of "I Did Something Bad."

    2. Ciara shared this snap of herself and Missy Elliott backstage as they rehearsed their performance.

    3. Camila Cabello posed with her date for the evening before hitting the red carpet.

    4. And had a meltdown backstage after winning four awards.

    5. Tyra Banks let us have a glimpse of her outfit before she'd even reached the event.

    6. Cardi B posted this video to thank Dolce&Gabbana for designing her look.

    7. Before sharing a kiss with husband Offset on the red carpet.

    8. Vanessa Hudgens posted this photo of her and Jennifer Lopez hanging out and drinking wine after the ceremony.

    9. Jessie James Decker snapped a selfie with Post Malone.

    10. Before grabbing Cardi B for a photo.

    11. Busy Philipps served looks before heading to the event.

    12. And posted this photo once she was home from the partying.

    13. Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Lenny Kravitz hung out backstage.

    14. Meanwhile Tracee Ellis Ross was trying to calm her nerves before taking to the stage as host for the evening.

    15. Halsey shared this cute moment with G-Eazy on the red carpet.

    16. Patrick Starrr made friends with Shawn Mendes.

    17. While Shawn made friends with Post Malone.

    18. And finally, Heidi Klum shared these snaps as she got ~glammed up~ for the event...

    19. Before posing up a storm with Mariah Carey backstage.

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