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    Here's Everything We Know About Liam Payne And Cheryl's Baby

    From the hospital he was born in to potential names and family reactions.

    After months of speculation about her pregnancy, Cheryl gave birth to her first child with Liam Payne last week. Here's everything we know about the new arrival so far.

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    1. Cheryl and Liam announced the news with coordinated Instagram posts and adorable captions.

    Cheryl said she was "madly in love" and "overwhelmingly happy."


    While Liam said that the birth of his son was his "favourite memory" and he was "in awe" of Cheryl.

    2. The baby was born in a fancy AF London hospital.

    Cheryl gave birth at London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She's believed to have stayed in the 16-bed Kensington Wing, which offers the "ultimate birthing experience", with rooms costing upwards of £8,000.

    3. There's a lot of speculation over what his name will be.

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    Cheryl and Liam have confirmed that the baby still doesn't have a name, but that hasn't stopped people speculating about what he could end up being called.

    Old interviews have been unearthed in which Cheryl and Liam separately discussed baby names, with their preferences being used to suggest that they're deciding between Alfie and Taylor.

    In an interview with GQ in 2012, Cheryl said she couldn't wait to have children and revealed her top name choice for a boy: "I'm obsessed with babies. I know that's what I was put on the earth to do. To be a mother. Of course I've thought about baby names. A million times. I like Alfie for a boy."

    And Liam revealed his preferences to Hits Radio: "I like the name Taylor. Taylor's pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That's what I'm going to call my first child if I had children."

    However, these interviews were given five years ago, long before they were together. That, and the fact that the baby was still nameless three days after being born suggests that they probably haven't gone with Alfie or Taylor – but you never know!

    And people are actually really digging "Alfie Payne."

    I heard Cheryl likes the name Alfie... Imagine Alfie Payne... I kinda like it tbh.

    Bookies are taking bets on what Cheryl and Liam Payne will name their baby son. Alfie has odds of 4-1, Rickie's 12-…

    4. Cheryl and the baby will be living in Liam's mansion in Woking.

    5. It's looking ~unlikely~ that we'll see any more photos of him.


    There was a time during her reign on The X Factor when Cheryl was the most famous and photographed woman in the country. However, after her divorce from Ashley Cole, battling malaria, and being fired from The X Factor USA, Cheryl massively scaled back her public visibility. She said she would "never speak" about her "private life publicly again" and even took out an injunction against the paparazzi and public to prevent any photos being taken without her consent.

    Despite her previous relationships playing out publicly, she and Liam have kept theirs extremely private. There are just six photos of them together on social media, and they've also been photographed publicly on only six occasions. Cheryl has stayed true to her word about not speaking about her private life, and didn't even confirm her pregnancy until she was a month away from giving birth.

    It will come as no surprise, then, if they decide to keep all details of their new arrival private, too. They chose to share a photo in which his face wasn't visible, and it's also been reported that Cheryl and Liam turned down "huge magazine deals" for the first photos of their baby to protect his privacy. A source also suggested that now the announcement has been made, they won't be posting any more pictures of him on social media.

    All the evidence would suggest that they'll keep him under wraps, but then again baby Chiam could end up being so irresistibly cute that his proud parents can't help but share him with the world. Only time will tell.

    6. The baby may have eased tensions between the members of Girls Aloud.

    Fred Duval / Getty Images

    Girls Aloud announced their split in 2014, after 10 years together as a band. But within hours of confirming that they were to go their separate ways, Nadine Coyle made it clear that she wasn't happy with the decision and claimed she'd had "no part" in it.

    Cheryl hit back, saying Nadine was "full of shit." And, since then, there appears to have been a divide between Nadine and Sarah Harding, and the rest of the group – Cheryl, Kimberley Walsh, and Nicola Roberts – who remain best friends.

    However, it seems that the baby may have just eased relations a bit.

    In fact, Nadine was one of the first to congratulate the pair after the news went public.

    Congratulations @cherylofficial I am so so happy for you & your precious little boy & family! Sending you loads of love! 💙💝

    And Sarah Harding followed suit.

    MASSIVE CONGRATS! to@CherylOfficial and @LiamPayne on their little bundle of newfound joy and all the adventures to come! Proud of u girl X

    Of course, Cheryl's favourite former bandmates, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, also shared their excitement. Nicola posted this photo of the three of them.

    Alongside this lovely caption.

    And Kimberley commented on Cheryl's photo of Liam and the baby with a string of happy emojis.

    And now that there are officially four Girls Aloud babies, perhaps the feud will be put to bed so that the next generation can form their own supergroup.

    7. Khloé Kardashian, who first met Cheryl three years ago, also sent her congratulations.

    8. Cheryl's immediate family have remained quiet on the subject of the new arrival, but her uncle has said it's "about time" she found happiness.

    Speaking to North News, yesterday Paul Tweedy said:

    I have literally just found out about it this morning. I have just got off the phone to her dad Gary, who told me. He and Joan [Cheryl's mother] are down there now. It's about time she was happy. I do hope to see the baby next time she comes up.

    9. Liam's family have been vocal, with his mum sharing this lovely comment on Instagram, which made it pretty clear just how happy she is.

    Liam's sister Nicola said she'd fallen in love with the new arrival straight away.

    What a lovely day today has been!!! I honestly didn't know love at first sight until today. Xx

    And his other sister Ruth revealed that she "just loves" the baby. 😭

    Happy first mothers day @CherylOfficial 💙 eeek i just love him xxx

    Congratulations, Cheryl and Liam!