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    Ashlee Simpson Revealed How Her "SNL" Lip-Synch Fail Changed Her

    She finally revealed how the whole catastrophe made her feel, and how it changed her.

    If you were around in the '00s, one event you probably remember was Ashlee Simpson's disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live back in 2004.

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    Ashlee was appearing as a guest host of the show and also performed two songs.


    The first went without a hitch, but when she went to perform "Autobiography," a pre-recorded track of her singing "Pieces of Me" began playing. Ashlee then did an awkward dance for 30 seconds, but then left the stage and the show cut to a commercial. It led to mass speculation that Ashlee had lip-synched the performance of "Pieces of Me," or was at least singing along to the backing track.

    At the end of the show, Ashlee claimed that it was her band's fault, saying that they'd started "playing the wrong song," and she didn't know what to do.


    A couple of weeks later, Ashlee claimed the reason for the fail was her having such "severe acid reflux," that her dad, who was also her manager, forced her to use a backing track.

    Since then, however, Ashlee hasn't said a word about the incident which many have suggested signalled the demise of her career.

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    That is until now. Because Ashlee is making a comeback with a reality TV show and has decided to finally address the fail a full 14 years after it first happened.

    Speaking to E!, Ashlee revealed that the whole scandal made her "stronger" and a "better performer."

    And she went on to say that she's come so far since the incident.

    Good for you, Ashlee.