Ariana Grande's Fans Are Sharing Videos Dedicated To Her Love For Them

    Her fans are circulating two videos in support of Ariana after the attack at her concert in Manchester Monday night.

    At least 22 people died and dozens more were injured at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night in Manchester. Officials are treating it as a possible terrorist incident.

    Shortly after the incident, Ariana Grande took to social media to express her heartbreak.

    broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words.

    And it wasn't long before Ariana's fans began expressing their sadness and support for her.

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    This tribute video dedicated to showing the close relationship Ariana has with her fans began circulating very quickly.

    In the video, which comprises footage from interviews and concerts, Ariana can be heard saying: "I appreciate them so much. And I love them from the bottom of my heart no matter what."

    Later in the video Ariana says she "loves" her fans and that they "mean the most" to her.


    In the first interview, Ariana said: "I just care about them a lot. I just love them." In the second, she added: "They mean the most. They're so cute. Really cute. And I love them."

    Towards the end of the video fans can be seen running to keep up with Ariana's car, with her begging them to "be careful."

    She said: "I'm actually gonna have a heart attack because I'm scared someone's gonna get hurt but oh my god, all these fucking fans are so cute. I love you! Be careful!"

    The rest of the video shows lovely moments between Ariana and her fans, including meet and greets, lovely banners and her getting teary-eyed on stage.

    Another video being widely shared begins with a series of awards acceptance speeches given by Ariana dedicated to her fans.


    She says: "I have the most loving, supportive fans in the world. I love them so much. I love you, from the bottom of my heart, I think of you with everything I do, you guys are everything to me."

    Other footage shows her hanging out with fans backstage, social media posts she's written about them, and stories of cute things she's done for them.

    Posting the video isn't the only thing fans are doing to express their support for Ariana. They also began sharing her well-known logo, which has been altered to incorporate a black ribbon. The design has since been shared by countless celebrities.

    And after Ariana's tweet apologising for the incident, fans began trending #ThisIsNotYourFaultAriana, sharing words of support for her.

    Ariana promotes love, acceptance, and equality at her shows. She's taught us the power of love and self-expression…

    Don't blame yourself for the actions of other people. you were just there to sing for your fans. #ThisIsNotYourFaultAriana #WeLoveYouAriana

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