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    Ariana Grande Defended Naming A Song After Pete Davidson On Her New Album

    "It's a special song about the most special human I've ever met."

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you'll probably know that Ariana Grande is massively loved-up with her fiancé Pete Davidson.

    So loved up, in fact, that in the space of just two months they've moved in together, got engaged and had tattoos inked in tribute to each other.

    But one of the most heartfelt gestures Ariana has made is writing a song about Pete for her new album Sweetener, due for release next month.

    Last month when Ariana announced that the song, called "Pete," would be appearing on the album, some fans had ~thoughts,~ which she swiftly shut down.

    But now Ariana has defended herself a second time after a fan commented on the album's Instagram page to say that she shouldn't have a song dedicated to Pete since they haven't been together very long.

    Ariana responded with a comment of her own, explaining that she is an "honest and emotional artist and human being," and the song reflects that.

    She also revealed in a second comment that the song is special to her since it's about "the most special human being" she's ever met.

    Roll on August when we can hear the song in all its glory.