Are These Celebrities Photoshopping Their Instagram Photos?

    Photoshop? Phone app? Nothing at all? You decide.

    So Kim Kardashian has been posing for selfies again.

    Recently she shared this photo of herself. You'll probably agree that she looks incredible.

    The only slight issue is that when she went out later that day, her figure looked different.

    See what we mean?

    It's not the first time suspicious things have gone on in Kim's Instagram photos. Remember the time she posted this photo after a work out?

    As well as this one...

    Everyone was like, 'Wow, she looks amazing'. Until some Photoshop wizard was like, 'No, look at the door frame...'

    And as for the other picture, there's quite a few things going on.

    It's not just Kim who's been accused of Photoshopping herself. Here's Peaches Geldof standing in her kitchen, before she went off to a fashion show.

    And here's where you should be looking.

    Then she arrived at the fashion show and shared this photo.

    You know the drill by now.

    And here's a picture a photographer took in almost EXACTLY the same spot.

    Want a look at both pictures side by side for total comparison?

    Be our guests.

    Then there are these photos - left from Instagram, right from a photographer.


    We contacted Peaches Geldof's representative but received no comment on whether or not Photoshop has been used.

    Moving on to Miranda Kerr. Let's start with this lovely snap of her doing a bit of ballet in her lounge.

    Look closely...

    Then there was the time Miranda Kerr shared this photo of her at a Victoria's Secret show.

    Only problem was, someone found the original photo where her waist was bigger.

    She had an explanation for this one...

    But what about this one of her posing in a hotel corridor?

    Look closely at the floor, look at this line which demonstrates the way you'd expect the carpet to appear.

    Miranda Kerr also shared this photo of her at a showbiz bash, showing off her stomach in a cut-away dress.

    However, this original photo from the event is slightly different.


    TV presenter, Donnatella seemed to be taking a leaf out of Kim Kardashian's book with this post-work out photo.

    However, something is slightly off here.

    And finally, Britney Spears' Instagram followers were quick to accuse her of Photoshopping this snap.