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10 Brilliant Pieces Of Life Advice From Ryan Reynolds To His Fans

We sat down with the star and asked YOUR questions.

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So, when we met with him to discuss his new movie, Deadpool, we decided he was the ideal person to ask for help with YOUR burning questions.

First of all, he told us the most important thing in life is making sure you're happy.


Ryan: "Well, the serious answer is you should be enjoying it, no matter what you're doing in life."


Ryan: "That's a good question. I wish I could go back and pat his head and let him know it's not all so serious. When I was 16 I was pretty serious about everything, and having all these existential crises. Everything was happening. It was all the end of the world."

4. The next question was tough: What is one thing someone should absolutely do before they die? – a4c00fabbc

The next question was about relationship disputes.

6. How can I get my fiancé to stop leaving his dirty socks all around the house? What do you think the legal consequences would be if I were to shove them up his nose, should I find these fuckers stuffed in my couch one more time? – desiraec425560962


Ryan: In some countries there are flexabilities in certain laws where you could pretty much un-alive him for that sort of thing. What should you do about your fiancé? It sounds like it's a real toss up between keeping the socks, or keeping the fiancé. So I'm going to leave that up to her.


Ryan: I haven't actually met any fans that suffer from the actual medical condition of rabies. But if I did, I would be very frightened. If they were frothing at the mouth and had that whole Walking Dead look? That'd be horrible.

He was all about seizing the day with this one.


Ryan: That's a good question because it's specific about a film career. If you want to pursue a film career, you've got to just start doing it. I meet a lot of people who say they want to direct movies. I say: 'Well, why don't you?' and they say: 'It's not that easy.' And I say: 'Well, you can do it on your iPhone. You can do it on anything. Just do it.' Get out there. Do it. You're never going to know if you're good enough unless you just do it. I didn't know if I was good enough, so it can happen to anyone.

He saw the opportunity for humour with this answer too.


Ryan: I really don't. I'm not a big conversation starter with people on the street. I don't, if I'm driving by and see a guy standing at the bus stop, pull over, run back and spark one up with him.


Ryan: The last year, I've started meditating and it's been very good for me. I used to scoff and laugh at that sort of thing but it's actually, not to sound too hyperbolic, it's kind of changed my life.

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