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29 Times Anna Kendrick Summed Up Being A Woman

Girl, don't worry, everything is Photoshopped.

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1. When you have to remind yourself that no, you don't look like the models in your magazine for a goddamn reason.

2. Despite it feeling like all of society has an opinion on how you should look and how much you should weigh.

No, I don't actually give a shit how many calories there are in this.

3. And you have entire days when all you can think about is FOOD.

And it'll often be a super-specific craving for something (usually carbs, or chocolate,) that you need NOW.

4. When you have a ~girls' night out~ that involves far too much white wine and results in you having no recollection of what happened.

5. But you know deep down that your ideal evening involves this:

Because tbh, past the age of 21, actually getting dressed and leaving the house for a night out is way too much effort.

6. You have moments where you've absolutely no idea what you're doing with your life.

It's fine, it'll all work out in the end.

7. And you just need to order a bucket-full of wine at the end of a long day.

Judge all you want, bartender, I legit don't care.

8. You have emotional days where you just want to get under your duvet, eat chocolate and not come out.

9. And those days when you want to tell everyone and everything to go to hell.

10. But you'll get through it and then have a moment of feeling completely sassy and fabulous.

11. When you learn to accept your flaws, and aren't afraid to point them out.

I'm not perfect. In fact, I can be awkward. And I'll never have a body like Beyoncé's. But that's fine. I am a Queen in my own way. 👸 💁

12. When you ignore the notion that women shouldn't swear because it's "not ladylike".

Because that is total bullshit.

13. And you learn how to put arrogant douchebags in their places.

You have a six pack, sure, but you're also a bit of a dick so...

14. Because no one has time for that shit.

15. Especially when you've just received another dick pic.

16. And you just can't even with the male race.

17. Sometimes it seems you're unable to move on from that one damn breakup.

Even though you know looking at photos of him and his new girlfriend is the one thing guaranteed to hurt you.

18. But then you have a whole day where you don't check their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and it's an achievement.

Baby steps, girl.

19. Then you learn that getting smashed on a first date isn't just fun but entirely necessary.

Now you're a grownup, you have to rely on alcohol to alleviate the potential levels of awkward on most first dates.

20. When you're trying and failing to pull a sexy duck face for your latest Instagram photo.

It's harder than it looks.

21. And then you wonder how the hell other women pull off sexiness with such nonchalance.

When you struggle to pull off a sexy wink.

22. In fact, you sometimes have such intense admiration for another woman you'll kind of want to be her.

And that's great, because girl crushing hard on other fabulous women is a thing we should all do more of.

23. When you know you should book that smear test and talk about the pill and Oh My God should I freeze my eggs?

Being a woman is exhausting sometimes.

24. But then you realise it's OK to not really know how you feel about having kids.

Yeah, I think I'd like one one day but that's not a decision I want to make right NOW.

25. When you realise that some people are just dicks and it's not your fault when they screw you over.

26. You learn which friends you can rely on, and ditch those people who let you down.

The older you get the easier it is.

27. And you'll fight anyone who hurts your friends. Especially the ex that broke your BFF's heart.

You hurt her, you hurt me.

28. Because your best girlfriends are irreplaceable.

29. But, above all, there's this advice that we should all live our lives by.