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    Amber And Barnett From "Love Is Blind" Revealed They Almost Got Divorced Because They Didn't Meet Each Other's "Expectations" Of Marriage

    "At one point, I actually called about potentially getting the divorce lawyer. I was like, this is not working."

    Last week, Love is Blind — the wild reality show we've all become completely obsessed with over the last month — came to its conclusion with a season finale dedicated to five wedding ceremonies for each of its couples.


    🚨 If you haven't watched all of the episodes yet, stop reading here, as this post contains spoilers! 🚨

    In the end, only two couples ended up tying the knot: Amber and Barnett, and Lauren and Cameron.

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    However, since the show was actually filmed all the way back in 2018, viewers began crying out for a reunion special in order to find out exactly what's gone down since filming ended, and which couples are still together.

    If Love is Blind was filmed in 2018, we need a “Where are they now?”/Reunion episode please

    Well, yesterday the reunion special landed on YouTube, and we discovered that the two couples who tied the knot are still married!


    And although Damian turned down marrying Giannina on the season finale in one of the most dramatic moments of the entire series, they actually worked out their differences and got back together.

    Mark, Jessica, Kelly, Carlton, and Diamond are all currently single, but Kenny has found happiness in a new relationship.

    However, while Lauren and Cameron have experienced nothing but wedded bliss since their wedding, Amber and Barnett admitted that their marriage hasn't exactly been smooth sailing — in fact, they actually considered getting a divorce after the show.

    "There was one point where we almost broke [up] because we had such expectations out of what we wanted out of a husband and wife," Amber explained. "We knew we were married and we knew we were in love, but also we were still learning each other."

    Amber went on to say that one of the main issues was the fact that she was unemployed at the start of their marriage, meaning the pair were having to adjust to her being "financially dependent" on Barnett.

    "I was making [Barnett] so uncomfortable — like, I wasn't working, so that was putting strain because I was so financially dependent on him," she explained, "which was new to me ... I've always had to figure that out for myself.

    "I've had friends that helped me out along the way, but being financially dependent on him was something that was totally new," she added before saying that she eventually found work as a cocktail waitress.

    Amber also hinted that Barnett found it difficult to adjust to life as a married man after so long as a bachelor, adding that it took time for him to stop "flirting" with other people and for them to learn how to "party together".

    "Y'all saw how he liked to flirt with people," Amber said, "so I think he was totally used to his bachelor life, and I was used to my bachelor life too. I think it took us a while to figure out how to hang out and party together."

    She added: "Normally, in a relationship as you're dating, you take time to adjust to that, but we were married, so we immediately expected it to be different ... We weren't giving the time that it needed to adjust."

    Amber then revealed that things got so bad that she actually looked into hiring a divorce lawyer because she felt the relationship was beyond repair.

    "At one point, I actually called about potentially getting the divorce lawyer," Amber said. "I was like, this isn't working." Barnett chipped in here to tell the room that this low point in their marriage was partly due to his being "a stubborn asshole".

    "I'm stubborn too," Amber replied. "We butted heads a lot, and that took time to figure out how to [handle] because when we were still in the bubble on the show, we hadn't really butted heads at that point.

    But Barnett went on to say that once he and Amber let go of their expectations of marriage, they began resolving their issues.

    "We stopped trying to force what we expected on each other, and once that happened, it's just been nothing but really good things since then," he said.

    "It's been a wild ride," he added. "We've had the normal arguments and stuff that everybody has, but I'm really glad that we've found each other and have gotten to grow together over the last year."

    You can watch the full reunion here:

    View this video on YouTube

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