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32 Times Scott Disick Gave Zero F*cks

All hail Lord Disick.

1. When he offered marital advice to Kris Humphries.

2. When he wasn't afraid to call Kris Jenner out after she forgot the existence of her own granddaughter.

NBC Universal / Via

3. When he thought nothing of trolling a pregnant Kim Kardashian.

4. When he made this salient point.

5. And this quip.


6. When he had zero time for Kourtney's list.

7. When he wanted everyone aware of his royal status.

8. Because he's Lord Disick, goddamnit.

9. When he made this subtle request.

10. And also this enquiry.


11. When he totally owned Kim Kardashian.


12. And was the only one to point out how dysfunctional her marriage was.

13. When he did not give a flying fuck about Kris' opinion on his relationship.

14. And then said this to Bruce in the world's biggest display of giving zero fucks.

E! / Via

15. When he was all LOL during this situation.

16. And all CAN I LIVE? in this one.

17. When he made this comment which probably went down really well with Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe.

18. When he made this legit suggestion.

19. When he announced Kourtney's third pregnancy like this.

E! / Via

20. And decided to pack a tuxedo for the birth.


21. And then made this point before anyone else had the chance to.

22. When he made this observation.


23. And offered his critique of Kourtney's outfit.

24. When he nailed this comeback to Robert.

25. And this one to Kourtney.

26. When he said this to Kim moments before she walked down the aisle for the third time.


27. And refused to participate in a family boat race for this reason.

28. When he made his feelings about Kourtney's interior decorating very clear.

29. Because, let's face it, his own interior design skills are far superior.


30. When he lovingly fed the family fish.

31. When his face just said it all.

32. And finally, Todd Kraines.