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    Alicia Keys Has Banned Her Sons From Watching "Sexist" Disney Movies

    She says that the classic Disney titles, like Snow White, are sexist and misogynistic.

    Alicia Keys is a mother to two young boys – Egypt, 6, and Genesis, 10 months.

    And she's now revealed that she feels it's her purpose to be raising sons, so she can instil strong values in them.

    Speaking to The Edit, Alicia explained:

    I feel like it's by design that I'm raising boys – like there's a reason. I really feel that. They say that every child learns from their mother – it's ingrained from babyhood.

    Alicia takes her role as a mother to boys so seriously that she went on to reveal she's banned them from watching Disney movies, because she believes they're sexist and misogynistic.

    She explained:

    Have you watched Snow White lately? I get real funky about the classics – I don't like my sons watching it. It's totally sexist, misogynistic – she's cleaning for seven dwarves. There's nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family – it's a hard-ass job. But it's just the way it's spoken about.

    And tbh, she could have a point. Many Disney classics are based on seriously fucked-up fairytales that are full of sexist tropes. And the movies have a few weird moments that you may not have appreciated as a kid.

    But whatever your take on Disney, there's no denying Alicia is one lovely mum.