Adele Forgot Her Own Lyrics For A Third Time And Her Reaction Was Great


    Adele has had some pretty memorable moments during her world tour so far. She's done everything from celebrating a couple getting engaged at her show to twerking onstage.

    However, the latest event was that Adele forgot the words to her own song – and her reaction is perhaps peak Adele.

    Adele forgot the lyrics to her song and this was her reaction. 😂

    She went from being perfectly composed to realising her mistake and shouting: "Shit! Wrong words! Shit, shit, shit! I started singing the verse instead of the chorus!"

    The best part is that this is now the third time on the 25 tour that Adele has forgotten her own lyrics. 😂

    During her show in Denmark over the weekend she forgot the words to "Rolling in the Deep" and exclaimed: "Oh shit, fuck! Stop, I did the wrong words. Let's do it again."

    And just a few weeks earlier she interrupted the song "I Miss You" during her Manchester date, saying: "I don't even know the fucking words."

    Oh, Adele. ❤️