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    The Actual Bradley Cooper Has Been Hanging Out At Burger King In Leicester Square

    This is not a drill.

    So here is the actual Bradley Cooper hanging out at Burger King in London's Leicester Square.

    Alex Huckle / Getty

    Yes, really.

    And yes, it's painful recalling the amount of times you've been there and have NOT SEEN THE ACTUAL BRADLEY COOPER.

    It should also be noted that he is standing under the sign saying "The Whopper". We shall leave that thought with you.

    He wasn't just there chowing down on double cheesburgers, though.

    He was actually filming scenes with Sienna Miller for their movie, "Adam Jones".

    We like to think that he did indulge in some chips, though.

    Only Bradley could look this hot hanging out at Burger King.


    Kthxbye we're off to Leicester Square now.

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