35 Times The Kardashians Were Unintentionally Funny

    They're not all about first-world problems – they're actually pretty damn hilarious too.

    1. When Kris had her priorities in order.

    2. And Kim did as well.

    3. When Scott made this perfect comment.

    4. When Khloé just couldn't resist the opportunity to make this dig.

    5. When Kris had absolutely no clue about her granddaughter's name.

    6. And when she forgot about the existence of her other granddaughter.

    7. When Scott made this point.

    8. When Khloé faced the full force of Kim's wrath after she tried to ruin her ~Bentley moment~.

    9. When Kris achieved this impressive feat.

    10. When Kim demonstrated the art of subtlety.

    11. When Khloé pointed out Kris's reasoning for wanting Kim to do Playboy.

    12. But of course she was very supportive when it came to the nude shoot.

    13. When Scott made this point.

    14. When this phone call happened.

    15. When Kim made this U-turn in 72 short days.

    16. And when the whole family had an opinion on the situation.

    17. Scott was really sympathetic.

    18. But Kris had the best shut down of all.

    19. When Scott revealed the sacrifices he's made over the years.

    20. When Khloé made this suggestion.

    21. When Scott went to Caitlyn Jenner for advice and got this.

    22. When Kris just couldn't cope.

    23. When Kourtney was the only voice of reason during this incident.

    24. When Kris discovered her true religion.

    25. When Kourtney spoke for us all.

    26. When Kim revealed her deepest fears.

    27. When Kim was just really fucking busy, OK?

    28. When Kris had the perfect comeback to Kim's slightly ridiculous idea.

    29. When Khloé delivered this A+ shade.

    30. When Kris gave this reasoning.

    31. When Khloé made this suggestion as to why Kris was having such a meltdown over Kim having psoriasis.

    32. Every single time Khloé trolled Kris about who her real parents are.

    33. Seriously.

    34. Everything to do with Todd Kraines.

    35. And, finally, this truly iconic moment, which proves nothing's changed over the past eight years.