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35 Things Cardiff University Students Know To Be True

Prifysgol Caerdydd forever.

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1. Crossing the bridge into Wales at the start of each term and being SO EXCITED.



9. Finding the Welsh translations on every sign a bit weird at first.

11. And when you finally leave Cardiff, actually missing this.

17. Knowing that a night that doesn't end on Chippy Lane is a night wasted.

19. Knowing literally everyone in Cathays during second and third year.

20. And following this classic Cathays pub crawl route: Blackweir, Woodville, Mackintosh, Vulcan, Gassy Jacks, Koko Gorillaz, The Taff, Solus.

23. Understanding that Colum Road on bin day is like this. Enough said.

25. Getting seriously competitive with Swansea University at Varsity.

Swansea won in 2013. BUT 2014 WILL BE CARDIFF'S YEAR.

26. Wondering how no one has ever died crossing the perilous bridge over Cathays railway.

27. Valuing your life, so avoiding St Mary Street like the plague after a Wales rugby match.

28. Going to the Bay to be classy.

29. Spending summer days in Roath Park.


32. Drink the Bar Dry being literally the best way to end each term.

33. Everyone's graduation photos looking the same, because everyone stands in front of the fountains at City Hall.

35. But most of all, knowing that some of the best memories of your life were made in this city.