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    35 Things Cardiff University Students Know To Be True

    Prifysgol Caerdydd forever.

    1. Crossing the bridge into Wales at the start of each term and being SO EXCITED.

    2. Abbreviating Talybont to "Taly".

    3. Secretly knowing that whichever hall you're in, Talybont South is by far the best of the Talybonts.

    4. Being able to use the toilet, brush your teeth, AND shower simultaneously in the bathrooms of Talybont North.

    5. Being terrified of the steam from your shower escaping through the gap in the door of your bathroom and setting the fire alarm off.

    This will happen several times during your first year. Occasionally at 2am, which is fun.

    6. Doing a shop in the massive Tesco at the end of Talybont in your first week, and never going again.

    Too far. Too much effort.

    7. Laughing at the friend who lives in Uni Halls and has to get a bus to and from uni every day.

    8. Realising very quickly that you are utterly screwed in Cardiff if you don't have an umbrella on your person at all times.

    Screwed and soaking.

    9. Finding the Welsh translations on every sign a bit weird at first.

    10. But soon finding it endearing.

    11. And when you finally leave Cardiff, actually missing this.

    12. Almost dying after climbing up the 4,000 stairs to get to the union.

    13. Knowing you're reaching closing time when Solus plays the 5ive megamix.

    14. Being torn over whether to go to Glam or Oceana.

    15. Mastering the correct pronunciation of "Clwb Ifor Bach" and being endlessly proud.

    16. Having to hold your nose for a good half an hour until you've got used to the smell in Metros.

    Facebook: metroscardiff

    Totally worth it for the ridiculously cheap drinks, though.

    17. Knowing that a night that doesn't end on Chippy Lane is a night wasted.

    18. Buying all your clothes for the entire year from the GIGANTIC Primark despite it being an unpleasant experience.

    Because, cheap.

    19. Knowing literally everyone in Cathays during second and third year.

    20. And following this classic Cathays pub crawl route: Blackweir, Woodville, Mackintosh, Vulcan, Gassy Jacks, Koko Gorillaz, The Taff, Solus.

    21. Being endlessly amused by this road.

    22. Knowing Cathays during the summer holidays is like this.

    23. Understanding that Colum Road on bin day is like this. Enough said.

    24. Taxis only ever costing £5 or under, no matter where you're going.


    Taxi to the end of the road it is, then.

    25. Getting seriously competitive with Swansea University at Varsity.

    26. Wondering how no one has ever died crossing the perilous bridge over Cathays railway.

    27. Valuing your life, so avoiding St Mary Street like the plague after a Wales rugby match.

    28. Going to the Bay to be classy.

    29. Spending summer days in Roath Park.

    30. The Cardiff Portal being the actual bane of your life.


    31. Finding out that you have an exam in the Temple of Peace and finding it really weird.

    32. Drink the Bar Dry being literally the best way to end each term.

    33. Everyone's graduation photos looking the same, because everyone stands in front of the fountains at City Hall.

    34. Leaving Cardiff with not only your degree, but the local dialect firmly in your vocabulary.


    35. But most of all, knowing that some of the best memories of your life were made in this city.


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