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    30 One Direction Fans You Won't Believe Exist

    Woah. Slightly NSFW fan art ahead.

    1. The fan who added tassels to all four of Harry's nipples.

    2. The fan who totally nailed this portrait of Louis Tomlinson...


    3. ... And the one who perfectly captured Harry Styles' likeness...


    4. ...As well as the one who added a touch of 'crazy' to his eyes.

    5. This over-sharer.

    6. This fan's sense of perspective.

    7. This fan's priorities.

    8. This threat to kill Liam Payne's new dog...

    9. ...And a fan's threat to kill her own dog.

    10. This offer.


    11. This depiction of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson's imaginary homosexual relationship.

    They're called Larry Stylinson.

    12. Here they are kissing.

    13. And dry humping.

    14. And here's Harry mid-orgasm.

    15. This fan who played it totally cool when she met the waxwork version of Harry Styles.


    16. And this one.


    17. But mainly this one.

    Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty

    18. This fan's smiley death threat.

    19. The fan who created whatever's going on here.

    20. And also here.

    21. Whoever paid $13,000 for a pizza crust.

    22. This measured a response to a GQ One Direction photoshoot.

    23. As well as this descriptive threat of violence.

    24. And this approach.

    25. This interesting DM'ing strategy.

    26. The fan who pelted Harry Styles with tampons.

    27. The fan who drew a portrait of Harry Styles' body complete with flashing bow-tie and thong.

    28. This fan's tattoo of Harry Styles' actual face on her arm.

    29. This friendly tweet to Taylor Swift after a performance at the Grammys.

    30. And finally, this suggested change to the English language.

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