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    28 Celebrity Winks To Melt Your Actual Heart

    There's just too much perfection.

    1. Does Chris Hemsworth's perfect smile and wink make your heart melt?

    2. If not, Benedict Cumberbatch might do it for you.

    3. Or Tom Hardy and his casual wink.

    4. Nothing to see here, just Zac Efron blowing you a kiss and winking AT THE SAME TIME.

    5. Here's Jensen Ackles' flawless face. You might want to watch and marvel for a bit.

    6. Finished? Now let's observe Niall Horan's wink and pout combo.

    7. And Tom Felton being oh so suave.

    8. Speaking of suave, here's James Franco.

    9. And also Bruno Mars.

    10. How are you feeling? Need a sexual wink from Harry Styles?

    11. Or one in slow-motion?

    12. Or do you prefer Zayn Malik?

    13. Prefer them older? That's fine, Robert Downey Jr is on the case.

    14. It was only a matter of time before Ryan Gosling got involved.

    15. OH HEY GIRL.

    Warner Bros


    16. This Ryan winks pretty sexily too.

    17. Then there's the adorable Heath Ledger. <3 :(

    18. And Adam Levine's smooth simultaneous eyebrow raise and wink.

    19. Neil Patrick Harris might just be smoother though.

    20. Jake Johnson has got it down.

    21. And as for Colin O'Donoghue. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.

    22. OMFG.

    23. Yeh, excuse us while we die.

    24. How you doin'? Heart melted yet?

    25. No? Well Brendon Urie and his sex hair should work.

    26. And Leonardo's slightly confused attempt.

    27. Patrick Jane staring into your soul?

    28. And finally, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's unfathomably cute, sincere wink.

    Heart. Officially. Melted.

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