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19 Brutal Comebacks That Only Khloe Kardashian Can Get Away With

"I have your Vogue. I read it on the john."

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1. Khloe Kardashian knows how to put everyone in their place.

2. Sometimes she's sarcastic.

3. Sometimes she's subtle.

4. Other times she's a little more direct.

5. Really direct.

6. Really, really direct.

7. She's not afraid of the odd sexual innuendo.

8. Even if it's aimed at her mother.

9. Because she's always willing to direct the same insults at herself.

10. She's always on hand to bring her family back down to earth.

11. And point out when they're being a little OTT.

12. In fact, she'll even make use of her sisters' insults.

13. Sometimes she doesn't even need to use words. Her facial expressions are enough.

14. She can always be counted on to get straight to the point.

15. Whether it's to complain about her brother-in-law.

16. Her mother.

17. Or even herself.

18. But whoever she's hitting back at, she always does it hilariously.

19. You're the best, Khloe.