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    18 Times Jamie Dornan Proved He Is The Man Candy You've Been Waiting Your Whole Life For

    Perfection in human form.

    1. This is Jamie Dornan, the man of all of our dreams. Perfection in human form.

    Phillip Massey / WireImage

    2. He has displayed his perfection in many different ways, on many different occasions.

    Sergei Bachlakov / ABC via Getty Images

    3. For example, when he won an award and looked so cute and coy as he posed for this photo.

    Phillip Massey / WireImage

    4. When he removed his top to reveal his ridiculously perfect biceps and made us want to reach out and grab them. Grab them and never let go.

    5. When he walked down the road with a smile on his face, clutching a cup of coffee. And we wondered, WHY GOD WHY aren't we that cup of coffee?

    Neil P. Mockford/GC Images

    Life is so unfair.

    6. When this happened, and we realised we could die happy for we had now witnessed perfection.

    Calvin Klein

    7. When he looked up and smiled at us and it was as though his eyes were piercing our souls.

    8. And then he just gazed at us and our hearts almost couldn't handle it.

    9. Another time he was perfect was when he just stood still like this.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    10. Basically, any time he reminds us of his presence.

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    11. When he wore a white shirt against a white background so he looked like an actual angel.

    12. When he wore a suit and we wept silent tears of joy.

    13. And he stood there in a suit and we wondered what we'd ever done to deserve such a beautiful, perfect sight.

    14. When he was lying down in tight white boxer shorts and then EVA MENDES came along and just ruined it all. You have Ryan Gosling FFS. Get away from our man.

    Calvin Klein / Via

    15. And then he stood up wearing black boxer shorts, his body slightly oily, and all was right with the world again.

    Calvin Klein

    16. When this happened and we were like, BRB, just DYING.

    17. When he lent over like this and our ovaries came close to exploding.

    18. And finally. Every. Single. Thing. Here.


    Over and out.

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