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17 Posts Which Show Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Quite Get Instagram

Not a selfie in sight.

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1. This clock shot at a jaunty angle.

2. This snap of "tile-work that looks like jewellery".

If you say so, SJP.

4. This snapshot of a woman doing a bit of ballet next to a fountain.

5. This heart-warming message.

6. This one for the mantelpiece.

7. Whatever's going on here.

8. This example of #foodporn.

9. This unexplained giant Christmas decoration.

10. This atmospheric snap of New York in the snow.

11. This mesmerising sun set.

12. This cheerful holiday snap.

13. This spectacular shot from the Winter Olympics.

15. This unidentifiable man playing a piano.

17. And finally, these coloured lights.

It's OK though, SJP. We still love you.