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    13 Before And After Photos That Will Make You Wonder If These Celebrities Have Had Surgery

    Surgery or just good makeup and growing up?

    1. Kim Kardashian.

    The biggest star of the Kardashian Klan has faced a lot of surgery rumours over the years, and it's undeniable her look has changed a lot over her time in the spotlight.

    Kim is rumoured to have had bum implants, botox, a nose job, lip enhancements, a boob job, laser hair removal and facial fillers.

    She had an X-ray during an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians to disprove the bum implant theory.

    However, she has had botox on camera and is a fan of any beauty regime that makes her look youthful - undergoing laser surgery to remove stretch marks as well as a pretty nasty looking 'vampire facial' where the face is injected with blood.

    She recently posted a photo of herself as a teenager to prove she hasn't had a boob job, and has maintained that any change to her face is down to clever contouring makeup.

    However, she did recently admit that she's not anti-surgery - and her mum Kris Jenner has gone under the knife many times.

    She said: “I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the one thing that I’ve done.”

    A representative for Kim denied she's had any surgery.

    2. Jessica Simpson.

    Jessica Simpson (and her Dad, weirdly) has always been proud of her entirely natural DD cleavage.

    However, in recent years her lips seem to have grown considerably. Jessica admitted that she had temporary lip fillers after her divorce from Nick Lachey in 2005. But she claims that she used Restalyne, a filler which only lasts for four months.

    Speaking in 2006 she said: "I was going through an emotional time and I thought maybe if my lips were bigger people would think it was sexy. It only stays four months. I looked like a blowfish! I prayed every night, 'Please let them go down!' It's gone now. These are my lips. I have good lips."

    However, here (right) in 2014 her lips look much fuller than they did at the start of her career.

    Jessica Simpson's representative has been contacted for comment.

    3. Ashlee Simpson.

    Ashlee Simpson was rumoured to have had a nose job early on in her singing career.

    The star has never outwardly admitted to having surgery, but when asked about the rumours, she responded: "I think as long as people have two eyes, then you probably know the answer."

    She continued: "(Plastic surgery) is something that everybody should think about for a really long time," she also told the magazine. "Once you know it’s something you really feel comfortable with, then to each their own.”

    Ashlee Simpson's representative has been contacted for comment.

    4. Megan Fox.

    Megan Fox has been plagued by surgery rumours for years, with gossipers claiming she's had a nose job, boob job, botox, lip fillers and liposuction.

    Her only response has been to deny she's done anything to her lips, explaining: "My lips are my lips."

    She also spent some of her very brief stint on Twitter sharing photos of herself pulling different facial expressions to deny the rumours that she's had botox.

    Megan Fox's representative has been contacted for comment.

    5. Nicki Minaj.

    Nicki Minaj is rumoured to have gone under the knife to change her nose and enhance her famous bum.

    She puts the changes to her nose down to clever contouring, but hasn't entirely dismissed those rumours of bum implants, saying: "I have never had surgery on my face."

    Nicki Minaj's representative has been contacted for comment.

    6. Lauren Goodger.

    Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger underwent a nose job after the first series of the show, saying she disliked the way it looked on camera.

    She also had a boob job in December 2013 which she denied at first.

    However, it's not just her nose and boobs that have changed - her face looks markedly different from how it did when she shot to fame four years ago. It's been suggested that she's had lip and facial fillers as well as botox.

    Lauren admitted that she had a 'laser procedure' recently. She said: "While I was in LA, I had a mild CO2 laser procedure done to my face, but that’s it. It burns off the top layer of your skin so you develop new skin cells to make your face smoother, firmer and younger looking."

    However, she denies she's had botox and says her plump lips are down to 'clever makeup'.

    Lauren Goodger's representative has been contacted for comment.

    7. Blake Lively.

    Blake Lively has faced surgery rumours after photos appeared showing her nose looking slimmer than it did when she first found fame.

    The actress has never openly denied the rumours, preferring to just dismiss them.

    When asked whether she's had surgery, Blake responded: "It's the way you address any rumour. People want to talk. They want to create negative things about you and your lift. You can't let them affect you."

    Right, but have you had surgery?

    Blake Lively's representative has been contacted for comment.

    8. Stephanie Pratt.

    While her sister-in-law Heidi Montag has made absolutely no secret of her love for surgery, Stephanie Pratt has kept schtum despite the dramatic change in her appearance since she found fame on The Hills.

    She's rumoured to have had a nose job, chin implant and lip fillers, but she's never commented on the reports.

    Stephanie Pratt's representative has been contacted for comment.

    9. Lindsay Lohan.

    She may never have spoken out about surgery, but numerous plastic surgeons have speculated that over the years LiLo has indulged in lip and facial fillers.

    Lindsay Lohan's representative has been contacted for comment.

    10. Miranda Kerr.

    When Miranda Kerr stepped out at the Oscars with a very impressive cleavage, many suggested that she'd had a post-split boob job - which is apparently a thing.

    However, a close friend of Miranda's slammed the rumours, saying they were 'completely false,' which would suggest that the model has invested in a good bra and a bit of Tit-Tape.

    Miranda Kerr's representative has been contacted for comment.

    11. Helen Flanagan.

    Helen Flanagan reportedly flew to a foreign surgery to have a nose job after apparently being 'racked with insecurity' following 'years of bullying' at school about the size of her nose.

    Her nose does now look noticeably slimmer, but she's never commented on the claims with her friends saying she wanted to have the surgery secretly because of her insecurities.

    Helen Flanagan's representative has been contacted for comment.

    12. Renee Zellweger.

    Renee Zelwegger's face has changed a lot over the years - most noticeably when she's in the process of gaining and losing weight for her role in Bridget Jones.

    However, most recently it's been suggested that she's had surgery to alter the shape of her face. Surgeons have suggested that she's undergone a chin implant and may have tried botox, but have maintained that she probably hasn't had a nose job - and any other changes in her face are most likely down to weight loss.

    Renee Zelwegger's representative has been contacted for comment.

    13. Rebecca Adlington.

    Rebecca Adlington was open about her insecurity over her nose during her stint on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. In fact, she admitted that she's met with Twitter abuse every day, and has even been the subject of Frankie Boyle's jokes.

    It's rumoured that Rebecca underwent secret surgery to remove a bump in her nose in February but she hasn't confirmed the reports - and while her nose looks slightly slimmer in recent photos, it's hard to say for sure whether she's gone under the knife.

    Rebecca Adlington's representative declined to comment.