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Tumblr Explains Why "Sherlock" Needs To Come Back On The Air Right Now

Filming for the show's third season wrapped Sunday, but it remains to be seen if Sherlock fans will be able to survive until it airs.

1. Because we've waited long enough.

2. Other fandoms are starting to worry.

3. The image manipulations are getting out of control.

4. As are the GIFs.

5. There are only so many numbers of possible alternate universes.

6. It's becoming difficult to tell whether or not this is a joke.

7. The fandom's sense of humor is getting progressively stranger.

8. Because until the new season starts, the fandom will continue to make everything about Sherlock.

9. Because this is what happens when there's finally a trailer for Season 3.


It's a wrap for season 3 #Sherlock



It's a wrap for season 3 #Sherlock

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So maybe we'll actually see it within the next million years.