This Is The Letter Joss Whedon Sent Inviting His Friends To Be Extras In "Much Ado About Nothing"

    Best party invitation or BEST PARTY INVITATION? (via Written By magazine)

    Dear Friends,

    Next Saturday night, October 15th, we are throwing a film! It's very similar to a party, except people film you, you occasionally have to do the same thing more than once, and sometimes you have to mime instead of actually talking. THIS IS BETTER THAN A REAL PARTY. Because it lives forever on film, and miming means not having to come up with witty bon-mots all night, which can be pretty stressful.

    Here's the actual scoop, if you're not yet in the know: We are making a film of Much Ado About Nothing at our house over the next couple of weeks. There is a big party scene at night, and rather than fill the house with strangers, we'd like to feature actual friends. If this sounds like a cheesy attempt to get free extras... Look over there at the shiny thing! Anyway, it WILL be dope. When you're not being immortalized on film, we'll host a secondary (actual) party down in the front of the house, which will not be filmed.Delicious food and drink will be provided, provided you know your limitations and don't party so hard you can't replicate your actions later on. AND...There's a conga line! YES! Life CAN be that wonderful.

    The party starts between six and seven (all are welcome at six, all need be present by seven) and ends (for those called upon to stick It to the end) around two. The dress is formal but hip, and your interpretation of that is yours. (The movie is modern-day, the concept sort of a very classy—but just as drinky verion of the Kennedy Compound.) In general, the principals will have men in suit and tie, women in unassumingly elegant summer dresses, though going too far (tuxes and gowns) would only enrich the film. There will be masks for some, and costumes for a few. If you have a beloved costume, (Geisha, Fop, Roman Senator) (Nothing copywrited—sorry, all you Batmen!) Please let us know. But if you have clothes at all, I hope you'll join us in this mad, lovely venture. (If you don't have clothes at all, please contact one of us about the pool scene.)

    If you are getting this, it's because we love you and think you'd look great on film, or at least one of those. If you are one of a couple, assume your honey is invited as well. There is no expectation on our part, unless you say yes, in which case punctuality and perseverance are a must. We hope you'll come. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

    Best to all, Kai and Joss.

    PS one final note: All of this is being done On the qt, as we'd like to roll out publicity in a timely fashion, so mum's the word. Bye-ee!

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