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    Posted on Jun 13, 2013

    The New "Wolverine" Trailer Is Awesome And Surprisingly True To The Comics

    Could an amazing arc finally result in an amazing movie?

    A new trailer for The Wolverine has been released and it looks pretty freaking awesome, regardless of whether you're a Marvel comic books fan or not.

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    I mean, there's Wolverine battling the tricked-out Silver Samurai.

    There's a creepy new villain with crazy poison tongue abilities.

    There's a possible romantic relationship?

    Heck, there's even Wolverine battling a ninja horde.

    Fans of Wolverine's Japan-centered arcs in The Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine comic books will find even more to love about the trailer.

    The Yashida Honor Sword!

    Wolverine's healing ability on the fritz!

    A ceremony that may be Mariko Yashida's wedding?

    Wolverine getting taken down by a million arrows!


    (Spoiler Alert: He lives.)

    And the best part: no Jean Grey in sight.

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