The Movement To Pardon NSA Source Edward Snowden Has Begun

The 29-year-old system administrator and former undercover CIA employee revealed himself to be the source of the biggest leak in the NSA’s history.

1. A White House petition to pardon Edward Snowden has already been created.

2. The link to the petition has been posted to various subreddits five times already.

3. A rally in support of the whistleblower has also been planned for Monday afternoon in New York City.



There will be a Rally in support of #EdwardSnowden Tomorrow (Monday) at #NYC Union Square - #IStandWithEdwardSnowden cc @sneakatdatavibe

Asher Wolf


#NYC Union Square. Noon tomorrow. Rally in support of #EdwardSnowden. cc. @AnonyOps @YourAnonNews @EFF @ACLU @ggreenwald

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