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The Internet Reacts To Tony Abbott Winning The Australian Election

Conservative leader Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister in Saturday's elections and the internet had lots of opinions about it.

Tony Abbott, the conservative head of Australia's Liberal Party, was elected Prime Minister Saturday, defeating opponent Kevin Rudd's Labor Party for the first time in 6 years.

The internet was not happy to hear this news.

Australians on Tumblr first attempted to put the election into context for the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the website howfuckedisaustralia.com offered helpful advice to those looking for information on Australia's current political atmosphere.

Slowly, the rest of the world began to understand Australia's anger...

And confusion...

Unhappy Australians channeled their disappointment into Tumblr and Twitter.

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Tony Abbott won...

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Some looked into the possibility of leaving the country for good.

tony abbott is the new prime minister of australia



tony abbott is the new prime minister of australia

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While sympathetic Tumblr users from around the world offered refuge...

And helpful advice.

Australians began to fear for their technology.

And the actions that the new Prime Minister might take once he assumes office.

And then, of course, the memes began.