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"The Fox" Is The Craziest, Or Perhaps Best, Music Video On The Internet

The Norwegian group Ylvis has created the most bizarre, trippy music video of all time. Say hello to the internet's next big thing.

I have no words. Just watch it.

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While America debates Syria, Norway asks an even tougher question...

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed / Via

The answer to the question you didn't know you had.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed / Via
Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

In case you were wondering, yes, Scandinavia is still the weirdest place on earth.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed
Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

The video was posted on the Facebook page for the group's talk show, I kveld med YLVIS, which starts its new season on Sept. 10.

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