A Russian Woman Speaks Out For LGBT Rights Using A Line From A Joss Whedon Show

As she said on The Daily Show, “If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.”

1. On Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show, reporter Jason Jones interviewed Russian citizens about the country’s stance on gay rights. Everyone he talked to supported Putin’s recent anti-LGBT laws… except this one woman.

5. When Jones asked her why she was protesting the new laws at an anti-government rally, she gave a beautiful answer that included a quote from the Joss Whedon show Angel.

8. Even the cynical reporter was touched.

10. The woman in the clip happens to be a member of the Whedonesque community who goes by the name “Moscow Watcher.” She posted a note on the site Thursday:

*waves* That Russian lady was me.

I talked to that guy more than 10 days ago - so it’s an amazing coincidence that his show aired on the 10th anniversary of the cancellation of Angel.

I’d love to highlight that not everything in Russia is depressive. That guy asked me if I believe that Russia can change, and I told him that so far, authorities don’t pay attention to peaceful protests (it was during a rally), so Russia could change into a dictatorship or be destroyed in a civil war. That’s really depressive.

But there is a lot of wonderful people in my country - clever, talented, devoted to Russia - who try to change things and do their best. Many of my friends go to rallies. My son was a poll watcher on several elections. Russian literature is great, Russian nature is beautiful, Russian cuisine is tasty.

So, please, don’t confuse Kremlin politics with all things Russian.


11. Angel’s creator Joss Whedon was informed about the shoutout on Twitter:

A Russian lady at a gay rights rally quoted Angel on @TheDailyShow tonight. It was beautiful. @josswhedon

— VeronikaSwartz (@VeronikaSwartz)

@VeronikaSwartz @TheDailyShow what'd she say? Huh? Whuh? Huh? Whuh?

— Joss Whedon (@josswhedon)

@josswhedon @TheDailyShow "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."

— VeronikaSwartz (@VeronikaSwartz)

@VeronikaSwartz @TheDailyShow that's what I hoped. That one was important to me. (That and "Wesley, look out!" *sniff* powerful)

— Joss Whedon (@josswhedon)

15. You can watch the whole Daily Show clip here:

View this embed ›

16. And here’s the scene from Angel she was quoting:

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: This is actually one of the best and most profound and most moving scenes that’s ever been on any television show ever.

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