These Japanese Mushroom Ads Are Strangely Sexual

Meanwhile in Japan…

1. The ads for Japanese mushroom company Hokuto are far more erotic than you’d expect for edible fungi.

2. They all feature a young housewife and a handsome “mushroom fairy” man, who appears suddenly out of thin air and invades the housewife’s personal space.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

3. He often removes clothing in order to make his point.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

4. The ads aren’t exactly… subtle.

5. I mean…

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

6. Yeah. Mushrooms.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

7. The latest commercial takes it to a whole new level.

8. I mean, seriously. This mushroom fairy’s being more than a little aggressive.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

9. Not to mention sexual.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

10. That’s definitely inappropriate.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

11. It was all a dream! Which only makes it slightly less creepy!

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

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