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Prince William Sings "Livin' On A Prayer" With Jon Bon Jovi And Taylor Swift

This is a thing that actually happened. There is video.

On Monday night, Prince William hosted the Winter Whites Gala in aid of youth homelessness charity Centrepoint.

AP Photo / Dominic Lipinski, Pool

The highlight of the event was a concert headlined by Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift (the first ever live concert at the palace).

AP Photo/PA, Dominic Lipinski, Pool

"I'm absolutely excited. I don't think I've ever played at a palace before so it is really wonderful," Swift gushed.

Pool / Reuters

During Bon Jovi's final set, he encouraged the future king of England to come up on the stage and sing "Livin' On A Prayer" with him. Prince William agreed on the condition that Swift join in as well.

Dominic Lipinski / PA Photos / Landov

This is a thing that happened.

Dominic Lipinski / PA Photos / Landov

Also this.

Dominic Lipinski / PA Photos / Landov

Here's the full video:

View this video on YouTube

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