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    Serving Pizza At Weddings Might Not Be A Good Idea, It Might Be The Best Idea

    Let's be real.

    After the owners of an Indiana pizzeria said that the state's new and controversial religious freedom law would allow them to refuse to cater a same-sex wedding, people on Twitter had a few questions.


    I think it's funny that an Indiana pizzeria thinks any self-respecting gay couple would want catered pizza for a wedding.

    These questions weren't limited to same-sex couples.

    I want to know what couples - gay or straight - is ordering pizza for their wedding?

    Whether you're gay or straight, don't serve pizza at your wedding.

    However, a quick search reveals that wedding pizza is actually a pretty common thing.

    @ParadoxPizza Thank you again for all of the awesome pizza and customer service you provided for our wedding!!!

    Think about it. Is there any food better than pizza to signal the start of a new life together?

    Wedding pizza! The future looks bright for these newlyweds.

    πŸ• πŸ‘° πŸ•

    First stop after the wedding. Talk about getting Naked* on your wedding day! ;-) Congrats Eunice & Benson! (*Pizza)

    THIS is true love right here.

    Oh wedding pizza van! The guys at @WoodboxPizzaVan were incredible. Best pizza ever! πŸ•

    Catered artisan pizza is delicious.

    Amazing food from @pizza_monkey at our wedding today. Huge thank you to Nick and the team!


    I got to eat @pizzapilgrims pizza at Saturday's wedding, from their super cute little van. Their pizza is AWESOME.

    But let's be real, delivery pizza is just as good.

    My buddy had Johnny's delivered to his reception. RT @bob_mac_: Johnny's pizza. Wedding game strong. @BunkiePerkins

    Pizza brings that tasty and timeless touch to any wedding celebration.

    most pizza I've ever seen at the wedding reception

    It can even save the day!

    Look how happy these newlyweds are!!!

    Because a wedding isn't complete without some late night #jumbo pizzas. Congrats to Ashley and William!

    Cheers to the awesome couples who chose a wedding pie over a wedding cake. We salute you.

    Ah, I remember being young once. And cutting our wedding pizza with a pizza slice roller thing.

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