Meet The Man Who Literally Lives Under A Rock

    A Mexican man has been living under a rock for 30 years. Seriously.

    For over 30 years, Benito Hernandez has lived under a rock with his wife and seven children.

    Hernandez built walls of sun-dried brick and wood around the 131-foot boulder that serves as the house's roof.

    As the house has no running water, plumbing or electricity, the family cooks on a wood-burning stove and uses a nearby spring for fresh water.

    Their unique dwelling in the arid desert of Coahuila is located outside the town of San Jose de Las Piedras, about 50 miles south of Texas.

    Hernandez first visited the mountain range of San Jose de Las Piedras as an 8 year-old boy.

    It was then that he found the rock that would one day become his home.

    Omar Hernandez, Benito's son, enjoys jumping from rock to rock near the family home.

    Although he staked a claim to the rock as a young man, it took Hernandez 20 years to legally obtain the land.

    He and his wife Santa Martha de la Cruz make a living by working in candellila fields nearby, tending and harvesting the plants for their wax, which is used in everything from chewing gum and chapstick to cough syrup.

    Six of the Hernandez children have moved out into homes nearby, but Benito and his wife have no desire to move to a more comfortable home.

    Despite the hardships, Hernandez will remain. "I started coming here when I was 8 years old to visit the candelilla fields and I liked it here," he told IBTimes TV. "I wasn't married and I didn't have a family yet, but I liked it."