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Jul 19, 2013

Matt Smith To Comic-Con Fans: "You'll Forget About Me"

UPDATED: BRB, crying forever.

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At Comic-Con on Thursday, departing Doctor Who star Matt Smith was asked by a fan why he was leaving the show at the end of the year. Here's what he said and how the room of fans reacted:

MATT SMITH: "I kind of figure it's been four years — the best four years. It's been wonderful. It's been a privilege to work under Steven Moffat, but, you know, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Trenzalore calls."

[Loud groans and lots of "NOs." A few cries of "We love you Matt!"]

MATT SMITH: "It's sad, I'm going to miss you and I'm going to miss Comic-Con too. I love Comic-Con. Comic-Con is great."

[Screams of happiness]

MATT SMITH: "The world should be more like Comic-Con. It wasn't an easy choice, it wasn't an easy decision to come to. But, I don't know you can't play it forever."

[From the crowd, "YES YOU CAN."]

MATT SMITH: "And look — they'll get someone amazing, they'll get someone brilliant to do it, they really will. And that's the great thing about the show. It continues and the strength of it survives. It will get better and bigger and keep it up and you'll forget about me."

[Everyone in the entire room screams, "NOOOOO!"]


UPDATE: In an interview on Friday, Matt Smith clarified his remarks.

Yesterday, you got up in front of a million people and said, "You'll forget about me." What did you expect the reaction to that remark to be like?

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