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Incredible "Doctor Who" Tapestry Illustrates The Entire History Of The Series

Artist Bill Mudron's "Baywheaux Tapestry" is the the most beautiful, intricate 50th Anniversary art so far.

This gorgeous "tapestry" illustrates the 50-year history of Doctor Who in the style of the famous Bayeux Tapestry (a thousand year-old work of embroidery depicting the Norman conquest of England).

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

See a larger version of the tapestry here.

Mudron's 12 foot-long image depicts iconic moments from Doctor Who's history, beginning with the First Doctor's departure from his home planet of Gallifrey.

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

Other highlights include Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (with his iconic scarf) and K-9...

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

Davros, creator of the Daleks appeared for the first time in 1975 story Genesis Of The Daleks, where the Doctor was sent by the Time Lords to avert their very creation. But did he have that right?

Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Ace...

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

The third panel depicts the very final scene of 1989 story Survival, which could have ended up being the very final Doctor Who story.

The beginning of "New Who" with Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and Rose...

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

Classic monsters the Autons, shop window dummies animated to life, were the enemies in the first revived story, Rose.

The Tenth Doctor meets River Song...

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

And then is faced with the return of his own corrupted people in his final story, The End Of Time.

The tapestry's last full panel shows The Day Of The Doctor, but hints of the Christmas special appear as well.

Bill Mudron / Flickr: mudron / Via

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