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    Here Are A Bunch Of Things Tim Kaine And Mike Pence Look Like

    People have a lot of thoughts about the vice presidential candidates' appearances.


    love this debate graphic because Pence looks like he wants to eat you and Kaine looks like he's suggesting we go to…

    Tonight: Overly-Enthusiastic Applebee's Manager vs. Enraged Gym Coach Trying To Suppress His Homosexual Urges

    And this.

    Tim Kaine looks like Jerry Gergich from "Parks and Rec" after eight years as mayor of Pawnee.

    Mike Pence looks like someone who would later be revealed to be Mystique.

    Also, this.

    tim kaine looks like a dad trying to get help from a teenager working at home depot

    Tim Kaine looks like the dad of the lovable loser whose gang of misfits will stop Mike Pence from bulldozing their camp and building condos

    Mike Pence looks like what I imagine a Cabbage Patch Doll in its later years would look like.

    My mom on Tim Kaine: "he looks like a Teletubby whose lost his antenna" 😂 #Election2016

    CLEARLY this.

    Mike Pence looks like the ghoul in a horror film who just stole a human skin to wear and hasn't fully adjusted to i…

    Is it me, or does Tim Kaine look like Mr. MaGoo? #Election2016

    mike pence looks like if a town of sentient apples had a king

    Obviously this.

    Tim Kaine looks like the Mayor of Whoville.

    Mike Pence looks like a piece of ham someone dropped on a cat.

    Possibly this.

    tim kaine looks like a contractor who is funkier than you'd expect

    Mike Pence looks like The Annoying Orange, which is a good match for Trump.

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