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    GPS Error Sends Belgian Woman On A 900-Mile Drive Across Europe

    It's not clear if Apple Maps was involved.

    67 year-old Sabine Morceau left her home in Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium on January 12th intending to pick up a friend in Brussels, 90 miles away. After switching on her GPS, Morceau tuned out and followed the machines instructions. Two days later, she found herself in Zagreb, Croatia.

    "I was distracted, so I kept driving," Moreau told Spanish newspaper El Mundo "I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving because I was distracted. Suddenly I appeared in Zagreb and I realized I wasn't in Belgium anymore."

    Sabine Morceau's journey across Europe:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    To put that into perspective, that's approximately the equivalent of a drive from New York City to Nashville:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    Or Los Angeles to Roswell:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    It's 200 miles longer than a trip across Great Britain:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    Slightly shorter than a drive from Brisbane to Melbourne:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    And a little further than the distance from Winnipeg to Calgary:

    Via http://Google%20Maps

    The only thing that would make this story better is if she spent the trip listening to this song:

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