"Game Of Thrones" As Soccer Clubs

Sports blog The Fifth Pitch created sigils for football (soccer) clubs and paired them up with their Game of Thrones counterparts.

1. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Stark.

“Arsenal too, are a classic case of cataclysm… the motto is clearly a dig at their ‘next season we’ll win!’ mentality.”

2. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Lannister.

“The motto is once again a play on their over-reliance on a never-ending bankroll.”

3. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Targaryen.

“The motto is a playful attempt to make fun of Liverpool’s obsession with their history (and subsequently their claim to success).”

4. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Tyrell.

“The Tyrells, like the Lannisters are also ruthless, though subtle. We think this is similar of Man City who try to weasel their way into power without attracting too much hatred.”

5. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Baratheon.

“The motto is a direct comment on the deceitfulness often accused of Man United.”

6. Game of Thrones counterpart: House Greyjoy.

“Like House Greyjoy, Spurs is the unfateful side people often underestimate… [they] are seen as rather miserable, unexciting, and way past their prime. “

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