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    Drunk Russian Man Drives Tank Into House

    Meanwhile, in Russia... (via The Moscow Times)

    A woman in the Ural Mountain village of Beryozovo called police at 3:00am on Friday morning to report that a tank had driven into her home after taking out a neighbor's fence and a garage.

    Officers arrived on the scene and determined that the vehicle in question was not a tank but rather a 14-ton all-terrain vehicle. The machine so resembled a tank that an 80 year-old neighborhood resident wondered if war had broken out, according to a statement on the regional police department's website.

    Officers were unable to question the extremely intoxicated driver until the following morning, "at which point he expressed confusion over how he'd wound up in Beryozovo." The driver, a mechanic, will face misdemeanor charges and a possible loss of driver's license. He will be forced to pay damages for the destroyed property and may face jail time if the vehicle was stolen.