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    Daughter Adorably Interrupts Mother On Live Television

    Moroccan news anchor Lena Alwash was on the air when her young daughter decided to return her mother's cell phone.

    Lena Alwash, a Moroccan Medi 1 TV anchor, was interrupted during a live broadcast when her daughter suddenly appeared to return her cell phone.

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    At first, the girl was clearly unaware that her mother was on the air.

    Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed / Via

    But she soon realized... and beat a hasty retreat.

    Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed / Via

    Like a pro, Alwash continued the broadcast after a brief pause and a raised eyebrow that all mothers will understand.

    Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed / Via

    "That was cute, but I'm going to kill her later."