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Allison Janney Performed "The Jackal" On The Arsenio Hall Show

C.J. Cregg returned and the West Wing fans rejoiced.

Behold, the most magical thing that will happen on your television this fall.

On Tuesday night, Allison Janney, aka C.J. Cregg, hinted that something glorious might happen during her interview on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Forgot to mention I'm performing #theJackal on @arseniohall tonight!

Allison Janney


Forgot to mention I'm performing #theJackal on @arseniohall tonight!

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But nothing could have prepared us for this.

BEllie Hall / BuzzFeed
Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

NOTHING IN THE WORLD. Not even C.J. herself.

Ellie Hall / BuzzFeed

Watch C.J. perform "The Jackal" in the 18th episode of The West Wing's 1st season.

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