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13 Heartbreaking, Beautiful Photos Of Life As A Child Bride

Fourteen-year-old Krishna and her 16-year-old husband raise their infant son while growing up themselves. (via Reuters).

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1. Gopal Kishan (right) and his wife Krishna were married in May 2010. On their wedding day, the newlywed bride was 11; her husband was 13. Photographer Danish Siddiqui documented the ceremony for Reuters.

2. The legal age for marriage in India is 18, but these laws are rarely enforced, especially in rural areas. UNICEF reports that 40% of the world's child marriages occur in India.

3. The young couple live in a small village in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan. Siddiqui has visited them every year since their marriage to document the changes in their lives.


10. Her husband works in the soybean fields owned by his family, but irrigation problems have made the ground less fertile in the past few months and there is very little to be done.

11. Out of work, 16-year-old Gopal (right) has started drinking heavily. He told Siddiqui that for his family's survival, he needs to leave the village and find work in the city.

13. "As I left the small village," Siddiqui wrote, "the only thing which bothered me was the future of four-month-old Alok. Would he go down the same route his parents took or would he bend societal norms to carve a separate path for himself."